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This is a family history blog. You could call it a genealogy blog, except that I'm more interested in the history than in the pedigrees.  In particular the story.  I grew up with a family who told stories all the time, and I am most interested in the relatives I have heard of.

But it's also about clues: I am a mystery writer, and I am enthralled by investigation and research and puzzles and the meticulous piece by piece assembly of the Big Picture.  Genealogy is one of the great research projects of all time, if you are into that, because it never ends. Every time you dip in, you discover something cool.  A librarian friend compared it to putting together a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle: You keep saying to yourself "just one more piece and then I'll quit for the day."  And then you never quit.

So you could say that this blog is more about the process than the pedigree. It's about my journey, about as well as theirs.

For more hard-core genealogy folks, the families I'm mainly talking about will be the LaGuire and Eastman, Vinson/Vincent and Wanamaker, in Northern Lower Michigan, particularly in and about Benzie County.  At first I'll be sticking to the period between 1870 and 1970.  These are the people, places, and times I already know the most about, and I have access to the best resources.

Eventually I'll take it further back, and I will likely branch out to Allen, Wayne, Sullivan and Knobeloch in Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky.

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